Coffee Break  .                    Getting to know  Lita

Pour a Coffee and spend some time getting to know some little known facts about our Ms. Roza!
Better still, with a glass of wine
in the after-hours !

Lita's favourite a'la carte dishes are Lobster Thermidor and Scampi Provencale.'I used to buy fresh scampi from a shop in Romilly Street in Soho, sadly it's not there any more. They used to shell it for me and I'd take it home and cook it with lots of garlic and tomatoes. I love cooking this dish, my dinner party speciality' says Lita.

Lita is allergic to Smoked Salmon

Lita's favourite holiday destination is Sitges on the Spanish coast. She discovered the resort in the 50s when it was un-commercial and unspoilt and still has friends there. She once owned an apartment in the town.

After Lita lost her much loved dog Hobo, she adopted Sheena from Battersea Dogs Home, to give her another dog a chance of a happier life. As you can guess, Sheena is spoilt !
( Sadly, Lita lost Sheena in October 2007)

Lita's favourite singers are Dusty Springfield, Matt Monro, Dickie Valentine, Elton John, Freddie Mercury (Queen) and Billy Eckstine. 'I recently bought a CD of Billy Eckstine, I love his voice. When I was working in Las Vegas, Billy was appearing opposite at the Dunes and we became good friends. Listening to the CD took me right back to the 1940s when I used to play his records. Music can be so evocative' says Lita.

Lita enjoys reading ( Biographies), cooking and walking Sheena.

Lita has smoked on and off throughout her adult life-but has hopefully given up once and for all ( not a puff since August 2004!)

Lita never misses 'Coronation Street' on TV. ( Advice-don't phone Lita when this programme is on!)

Nowadays Lita doesn't ever touch alchohol, but in her party days she liked to drink Campari and Soda. 'I never liked the smell of alcohol' says Lita. 'I once became tipsy after two glasses of Gin and Orange, everyone used to drink that once. So I opted for Campari as its like a fruit flavoured drink and one glass could last me all night!'

Lita met the Kray Twins at a club run by Paul Raymond in the 60s. Lita was one of Ronnie's favourite singers.

Sean Connery asked Lita out in the early 60s-he saw her safely home . but he didn't get invited in for coffee!

Lita loves fatty meat, pork pie, sausages and brawn! 'I won't buy meat unless it has fat on it-that's what makes the flavour !'

Lita has porridge for breakfast. 'It's very good for keeping cholesterol low'.

Lita hates her 1962 single 'Mama, he treats your daughter mean'. 'It's a row' she says!

Lita favourite recording of her own is 'Ebb Tide'.

Lita was once caught for speeding in her car. She pleaded 'Guilty' by letter, so she wouldn't miss a show when the case was heard at Middlesbrough Magistrates Court. Lita was fined 5! The clerk tried to keep her driving licence as a souvenir...but was found out and had to return it!

(Besides the milkman) Lita was a very good friend of comedian Kenny Everett !

Besides not wanting to record 'Doggie', Lita  also didn't want to record 'My Kid Brother' but did so as a favour for its composer Ernest Maxim. As Lita lost her brother (Harry) during the war, the lyric is particularly emotional and she has never sang it since.

On Six Five Special Lita sang 'I'll never say 'never' again, again' on a moving fork lift truck! ( dodging the audience).

Lita prefers the later Pye version of 'Allentown Jail' to her original Decca recording.

Lita likes her steak cooked medium rare and served with fried onions.

Finally if you didn't know already it's Roza with a
Z ..