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To open our guest book of memories, here is an E-Mail that was received in August 2004 and forwarded on to Lita. Lita was absolutely touched by Mr Nash's words and that he had taken the time to write over forty years on. Those of you who know Lita personally will be able to identify with this tribute and it seems fitting to include the message as our first posting …..

I was playing some 50s music recently which is a bit different for me as I am a fan of 1930s dance bands, however I found a selection of songs by Lita Roza and the sound of her perfect tone and diction took me back to 1958 at Brunswick in Germany. I was out there as part of the occupation forces with the East Surrey Regt. A concert was arranged by ENSA which included Lita Roza. I was roped in by the company Sergeant Major to be one of the stage hands and was in the wings shifting scenery etc during the entire performance. Lita was the star of the show and waiting in the wings with us rough lot. Was she stand-offish? Not a bit of it. She chatted to us as if she had known us for years.
I recall she looked very glamorous in a full length silver evening gown and was a real knockout. Afterwards she came up and thanked us for our efforts and gave each of us a signed photograph ….I still have it.
I read your web details and wondered if next time you make contact with her, would you be kind enough to mention there are still fans out there who remember her not only as a great singer but also as a charming lady… please wish her well from a common soldier that she impressed mightily.

Kind Regards …..
Christopher Nash.


My favourite pop star was always Lita Roza . . . . .

As a teenager I was a great fan of Lita Roza and as a surprise my mother took me to see her in concert in 1956 at the Garrick Theatre in Southport. We were on the second row from the front and I was awestruck to see Lita so close. Years later in June 1991, I decided to write to Lita c/o the Barbican where she was appearing with the Ted Heath Band, saying she had always been my favourite star. Imagine my amazement when she replied, sending me an LP of her latest compilation 'Somewhere, Somehow, Someday'. I couldn't believe it. We started to correspond and Lita let me know of forthcoming concerts. I and my husband Ted went to several 'Ted Heath Band' tributes in the North West and always met Lita back-stage after the show. We became close friends and spoke often on the telephone. Eventually in May 2005, Ted and I went to London to visit her. She was so welcoming and showed us around her beautiful home; played and taped for me a couple of my favourite songs (which aren't on CD) and made us a lovely lunch. It was a day I shall always remember. All those years I had idolised her. Being able to literally hug Lita as a friend was beyond my wildest dreams..

Therese Freaney