Wall of Fame

Lita is the first Liverpool star and the first British female singer to have a number one hit record in Great Britain. Lita is first in a line-up of Liverpool singers and groups that include Frankie Vaughan, Michael Holliday and the Beatles.
'Wall of Fame' in Mathew Street, Liverpool celebrates each chart topper with a bronze disc dedicated to the star and the song.
Lita will always be remembered for her number one hit '( How much is that) Doggie in the Window?'
Margaret and Ken Smith are two fans from Lita's original 1950s fan club ( see guest book) and they took these photo's when they paid Lita's hometown a special visit during July 2005. Thank you both for allowing us to feature your pics on Lita's website.

Above. Lita's bronze disc is the first of many greats.
Below. At Lita's earlier request, Margaret sets about polishing the discs!

This is my town,
where first I saw the light of day.

This is the town,
where as a child I
used to play ..

All images on this page are courtesy of
Ken and Margaret Smith.